Brock Lesnar

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Description Mixed Martial Arts Champion
Brock Lesnar

“The best whitetail hunting anywhere in the world. You have to experience it to believe it.”

Aaron Fultz

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Description Philadelphia Phillies
Aaron Fultz

"Another unbelievable hunt and incredible time! Thanks Greg and Shorty for continuing to put me on the biggest deer I’ve ever seen. There is nowhere else in the world I’d rather hunt and I can’t wait from my son and I to come back next year and experience the ultimate in whitetail hunting that the country has to offer. Everything about the hunt is a league of it’s own."

Chris Tyler

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Description Brock Ray’s World Of Outdoors TV Series
Chris Tyler

"Everyone knows that Wilderness Whitetails is absolutely the premier whitetail hunting destination in the world. What most people don’t know is how meticulous the Flees brothers, Carol and all the guides are about ensuring an unrivaled family outdoor hunting experience. Having a family run operation that not only promotes the family experience, but lives it, separates Wilderness Whitetails from all the rest."

"My son and I have been hunting together at Wilderness Whitetails for the last 5 years since he was 7 year old. I knew I had found our lifelong deer hunting camp when my son wrote his 2nd grade “favorite memory” paper about our trip to Wilderness Whitetails and the people he met and his hunting experience. That paper sits in our hunting photo album with more pride than any trophy I’ve ever taken. Since then, he speaks of all the guides, Greg, Shorty and Carol as if they were his own family"

Ben F. Carter

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Description Executive Director - Dallas Safari Club
Ben F. Carter

"I highly recommend Wilderness Whitetails to any serious Whitetail hunter. It’s a first class experience from every viewpoint. Whether it is the great accommodations and great food or the gorgeous property itself. The deer are beyond belief! It is ‘Whitetail Heaven’ with the perfect Whitetail environment that makes this a challenging hunt for that special dream Whitetail."

"With a little patience a hunter has the opportunity to harvest that once in a lifetime buck. The buck I took is the largest I have taken in over 30 years of hunting the elusive Whitetail. I will make it back!"

“I took both my boys with me and one of their buddies. Wilderness Whitetails is a first class operation! I don’t even look other places anymore because I have such a great relationship with Greg and Shorty that I have no interest going anywhere else. Sure there are cheaper hunts out there but you get what you pay for. We shot five deer this year. We all got the one we wanted...including three typicals and two non-typicals. My son shot the biggest one with his bow...274” with a bow!

"The hospitality at Wilderness is just awesome! They are family orientated so you feel totally at home. The food is fabulous.  The people are awesome...Shorty and Greg, their Mom, Carol, the guides. It’s real hunting. We hunt the weekends. We hunted all weekend right up to the end of the last day."

"Greg and Shorty are very very professional...but down to earth. They are always responsive to any questions. There is no substitute for experience. There are always big hugs from all of them. They make you feel comfortable from Carol to Greg to Shorty.”

The hunt of my lifetime...

“A childhood friend of mine, who is now a cardiologist, is a very avid hunter, as am I. We have been hunting together since we were kids. My friend went to the Safari Club show, where he met Greg and Shorty Flees of Wilderness Whitetails. When he came back he said, "I think I have found a home run!" He told me about Wilderness Whitetails and all of the work and knowledge these guys had put into the Whitetail hunting industry.

"Having heard of the Flees name, I told him to book us a hunt. The Flees reputation has all been understated. From my first hunt with the Flees family, it has been nothing but the upmost of memorable experiences. Last year I had the privilege and pleasure, with my friend to take our families on a vacation-hunting trip during Thanksgiving weekend. My daughter killed the dream buck of her lifetime. My son killed the buck of his lifetime. My friend and his entire family, his son-in-law and I all bagged trophy Whitetails. So to describe my Wilderness Whitetails experience -- it was not only a memorable experience, it was definitely the hunt of my lifetime. I do not see how there could be anything better.”

"As an outdoor writer, I've taken a lot of deer at high fence ranches. Wilderness Whitetails is the only one I ever "hunted" The terrain makes hunting difficult and the deer are far from the park-like animals I've seen at other facilities. In fact, I consider myself lucky that I took a deer at Wilderness Whitetails as not all that visit do so. Wilderness Whitetails is fair-chase hunting behind a fence."

You have a say in what happens...

"I hunted at a different deer ranch and from the moment we got there it was clear that it was all about the dollar. Too commercial! At Greg and Shorty's it's no different than going to your own hunting camp where you have a say in what happens. The other place was miserable. We wanted to leave early but couldn't get a flight out. It was the worse hunt I have ever been on"

Whole different meaning to the word hospitality...

"Greg and Shorty put on a good hunt...and then to go out and harvest the buck of a lifetime with them, it is just the greatest. With Wilderness Whitetails, it's all about hospitality. It's just unbelievable. I was brought up in the south, where it was all about hospitality. Greg and Shorty put a whole different meaning to the word hospitality. We were served what was considered to be a five-star meal at every sitting. The entire staff at Wilderness Whitetails are down to earth, kind-hearted people"

I am sooo satisfied...

"Sometimes at other places you almost want to go back to your cabin and get away from people. At Wilderness the guys all came over to our lodge and watched the video of us hunting our deer which means a lot… especially for a 14 year old boy to go there and take a huge whitetail. He's comfortable with the Flee's family. I am sooo satisfied I am coming back again. Great people and great animals."

Feel like family...

"My group had a great time. Seven hunters and seven incredible deer! My son, dad and I will have memories of this that we will cherish forever. We received five-star treatment as guest but the treatment that you and all the guys provide make us feel like family. You are the premier whitetail hunting destination in the United States. Not only for the unbelievable deer but also because you and your employees go above and beyond on all that you do to make the trip and experience of a lifetime. Thank you Greg and Shorty and let all your guys know that they were all wonderful hosts. We can't wait for next year!"

Friendly, family-like hospitality...

"Thanks for the photos and the information on the Wildlife Gallery. I had a great time and a wonderful hunting experience. Your lodge and property are amazing and your friendly, family-like hospitality and staff make it seem like hunting with friends. I truly enjoyed myself!"

We want to thank you...

"Thanks for the photos. We want to thank you, Greg, Tom, Curt, John, Mike, Randy, Ralph, your mom and the rest of the staff for making our stay one of the best hunts we have ever been on. The lodge and your property are great, but you and your staff really made our hunt very memorable. Thanks again."


"Thanks again for another incredible hunting adventure at Wilderness Whitetails. Having taken the grand slam of North American sheep and going on uncountable hunts throughout the North American continent I feel that I'm more than qualified to say that Wilderness Whitetails is the best hunting experience of all.

This is truly a whitetail hunting adventure beyond all expectations. Your deer are getting better and older each year. Having taken a 9 and 7 year old the last two seasons I can say without reservation that this was an unequaled experience. These older bucks can be as crafty as any that I have taken, and I have taken a bunch.

Having just returned home, I find myself already dreaming of the next hunting adventure at Wilderness.

Don't change a thing. You're in hunting monster whitetails."


J. Neil Boudreaux

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Description DDS
J. Neil Boudreaux

"I have been hunting whitetails for about 30 years but had never been on a
guided hunt, so I did not know what to expect.  My experience at Wilderness 
Whitetails totally exceeded anything I could have imagined. The lodging and 
food were definitely 5 star quality. The guides went above and beyond to
find the class and type of racks we were looking for. The owners Greg, 
Shorty and their mom stopped by the lodge several times daily to ask if
 there was anything we needed. This is definitely a first class operation
 and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I will be back!!"

Jay B from LA

Jay B from LA

"I have been hunting whitetails for all of my adult life. I have been fortunate enough to have been afforded the opportunities to hunt throughout the southern US. As the majority of my hunting experience was free range and without guide services, I really thought I knew what to expect when I arrived at Wilderness Whitetails. Taking the time to read any material I could find regarding Wilderness Whitetails, really had me believing I knew what to expect. I must say from the moment we arrived at the airport, our expectations were exceeded. Greg and Shorty and their entire staff made sure there was nothing that we wanted. The accommodations, food and friendly atmosphere provided by the guides are first class. John, Mike and Ralph (our guides) worked tirelessly to insure that our hunting experience exceeded our expectations. The comradery of the guides made us feel as though we had been friends for our entire lives. The hunting experience itself far exceeded our expectations. I am confident that I could never match the experience that I was able to have at Wilderness Whitetails. A true dream hunt. See you guys next year!!!!!"



"Just a short word to you on my hunt at Wilderness Whitetails. "Incredible". Loved everything about it. The food was great, excellent guides and the snow was a great addition to a Florida boys hunt. Thank you for everything and we are making plans to possibly come back in September of 2015. Again, thank you."


“The hunting experience at Wilderness Whitetails was hands down incredible. Not only do they have phenomenal white-tailed deer, their facilities and guides are outstanding. I recently visited Wilderness Whitetails with my father, husband, brother in law, and father in law. We were all able to enjoy a hunt of a lifetime. The multi-generational hunting experience made it even more memorable and unique. Hunting doesn't get much better than at Wilderness Whitetails. The overall experience was like no other, the food, hospitality, scenery and deer are incomparable.”

John and Boone

“I want to thank you and your staff for the most amazing hunt that my son Boone and I have ever experienced! When we arrived at the airport, our party was met by your guides who greeted us with not only a great attitude but also enthusiasm.

“We were amazed at the whole operation of the preserve and how the hunts where managed. On the first day of hunting, during the morning hunt, it was so special to me that Boone harvested a whitetail of a lifetime scoring 194 3/8 and I saw every moment of it! For a father to witness his son accomplish such an incredible feat, words can't express what it means to me as well as the memories that I will cherish forever! Then, during my hunt on Saturday afternoon, I managed to harvest a beautiful whitetail scoring 217. Needless to say, these whitetail bucks exceeded our expectations and made lifelong memories for both of us. Life is merely a sum total of our experiences. What an experience we had at Wilderness Whitetails!

“Enough can’t be written about your guides. They were awesome from start to finish. They made everyone in our party feel right at home. Knowledgeable, dedicated, professional, friendly are just a few words that come to mind when describing your guides. It is hard to find that kind of service.

“The accommodations at the lodge were first class and the food was awesome every night. Good food, good fellowship and good friends: what more can you ask for? I think I can speak for the other guys in our party that they had an incredible time as well. It is without any reservation that I highly recommend Wilderness Whitetails to anyone who wants to harvest that whitetail of a lifetime.”

Garey & Dennis

All I can say is " UNBELIEVABLE". You have to see these deer with your own eyes, they are massive. I contacted Shorty for a hunt a for my father. My dad and I have been hunting together since I have been a little guy. He has taken me out on hunts so I wanted   todo something special for him. I asked.my dad what would it take for a buck to be caped and mounted on the wall. He said a 150" would be what he would mount. I surprised him with a hunt at WILDERNESS WHITETAILS. I must say that WILDERNESS WHITETAILS is in its own category. No one any where in the world can compare to them! They are the best people and guides we have ever met. We both got our deer on the first day and they were mire than what we were expecting to shoot. We are both still smiling from ear to ear. We both are booking our hunt for next year already. I want to thank SHORTY, GREGG, JASON, JOE, MIKE AND RANDY for everything they did for us! You guys are great people and helped us with w
hat ever we needed. If anyone wants one of the greatests times of their lives,  then book yourself a hunt at WILDERNESS WHITETAILS. You will not be disappointed! My dad and I will never forget this experience. I cant say thank you enough guys. You are one of a kind people too. Thanks again and we will be seeing you next year!
   Sincerely, Garey and Dennis

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